What could the WOBAs do for you?

WOBA Team, First Sight Media

Tuesday November 4th 2014


When the winners claim their trophies at the WOBA Awards night, it feels like a milestone reached and a job well done, and rightly so. But on that evening the benefits of being a WOBA winner are only just beginning! Whether it’s gaining exposure or finding new connections to help you achieve your goals, you’ll be amazed at what the WOBAs can do for local businesses.

Watch the video to find out how these organisations benefited from entering the WOBAs.

Winning really is just the beginning, but to win, you have to enter! Take advantage of what the WOBAs could offer your business: download your forms today.

NB Entries close at midnight on Sunday 30th November. With thanks to WOBA sponsor First Sight Media for supplying this video.