Bill Smith’s 2015 Business of the Year Award Presentation Speech

Bill Smith, STL Communications

Thursday April 16th 2015

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Good evening.

Well you are probably all sitting there thinking ‘Now for the big one’. Well no, I don’t think this is the big one for all those who entered including the finalists here tonight.

The big one for them was when they took their first step and filled in their application forms. For some of them that was a big step and it was the most important one

And that’s because the real value for all participants who enter the WOBAs is just that, simply entering. Going through the process. Telling someone about your business. Your business that you really believe in and have put your all into.

But as I know from my own experience as an entrant it really makes you think about how you do your business and even changes your behaviours makes you better at what you do. So in a way all WOBA entrants are winners. Given this, I hope everyone associated with the WOBAs, especially you the finalists, will encourage others to take that first step and enter.

But I would like to ask a bit more than that from you all. In West Oxfordshire we have a thriving business community. This community is made up to a great extent of small and medium sized businesses, many of whom continue to grow. The trick for us as a business community is to continue that growth process and hopefully improve it still further. To do this we need to help each other. I know that we in STL have done so, as have many of you here tonight. This needs to continue.

We need to lend a helping hand to the businesses around us, whether through advice, putting business their way, or in any way we can. The healthier the business community in which we operate, the better we will all perform.

Tonight we have seen the cream of the crop the finalists. The usual mixture, very much a quality mixture, some old familiar faces, some not so old, some not so familiar. A big well done to you all. Come on, stand up, give yourselves and each other a well earned round of applause. And an extra special well done to the category winners.

I know from talking to the judges it was a very difficult task, with encouragingly large numbers of entries in many categories. And so to the overall winner – the big one. All tonight’s winners were considered by the judges for this award, and after some lively discussions, in the end there was a unanimous consensus. I am delighted to announce that the winner of the STL Communications West Oxfordshire Business of the Year Award 2015 is Oxford Products.

Bill Smith, Financial Director, STL Communications