10 Top Tips for WOBA entry forms

The WOBA Team

Friday November 11th 2016

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There are still three weeks to go but WOBA entry form downloads are racking up steadily. Those of you with a few minutes to spare are perhaps starting to read through your forms and wondering “where do I start?”

Look no further; help is at hand. We have been busy surveying previous WOBA winners and finalists for advice and tips on tackling the entry forms. Whether you’re a seasoned participant or a first-time entrant, we think you will find some useful inspiration from our Top 10 Tips:

1) Be passionate

Put your passion into words, and convey your love for what you do.

2) Explain your vision

Know where you’re going; explain your short and long term goals clearly. But don’t forget to…

3) Be realistic

When you write the form, you’re talking to fellow business-people. Aspiration tempered with realism is the way to go!

4) Don’t copy and paste

Don’t copy and paste straight from your website description for the section that asks you to introduce your business. Tailor the copy to the category you are entering.

5) Read the questions thoroughly

This will help you to know exactly what each one is asking from you.

6) Make your answer readable

  • Think of the reader when you’re laying them out – try to avoid excessively long sentences.
  • Where you can, use bullet points to make the information easier to digest.

7) Don’t undersell yourself

When you spend all the hours you can working on your business, it’s easy to forget about the achievements and just focus on the things that still need work. Take an objective step back… you might surprise yourself!

8) Be completely honest

It’s your best chance at showing the judges what you have to offer.

9) Get across your uniqueness

There are many many brilliant businesses in West Oxfordshire. From the start to the end of your form, do your best to express what makes yours unique and what gives you the winning edge.

10) Tackle it as a team

Many categories are looking at the business as a whole, so work on it as a team. Successful entrants found that their team’s passion for each area of the business helped make their entry really stand out.

All that’s really left to say is this: good luck!

(And don’t forget, the deadline for entries is Monday 5 December)