Why enter more than one WOBA category?

Friday November 16th 2018

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The WOBAs are a free to enter celebration of business across the whole of West Oxfordshire. There are eleven categories to choose from, including our new category the Meech Business and Community Award, which recognises an organisation’s contribution to the local community.

No matter the size and shape of your business, there will be at least one award that you are eligible to enter, and the chances are very high that there will be at least a second too.

For example, a new business may also be ‘micro’, or ‘small’. A large business may consider entering the employer of the year and nearly all businesses go through a stage of innovation as they develop.

To give yourself the best chance of picking up an award, take a fresh look at the categories and see where else you could fit in.

The 2019 WOBA Categories

Once you have carefully crafted one entry form, it’s not too difficult to adapt your words to fit a second or even a third entry. All you need to do is gather fresh evidence that is relevant to the specific category and make sure you have satisfied the judges’ criteria.

Appealing to your excellent business sense, doesn’t it seem sensible to widen your prospects, especially when it does not incur any cost to you?

And, when thinking about how far you’ve come in business to get you to this point, you must have so much to talk about, so much to be proud of, so why restrict yourself to only one chance to win a West Oxfordshire Business Award?

Darren Aston of Aston and James Office Supplies said last year, ‘Entering the WOBAs allowed us to tell our story’. Your story is bigger than one category title, can you tell it in more than one way?

Sheena Marsh of Oxford Garden Design said, ‘It makes you asses your own business which is not something you do naturally as business owners.’ When was the last time you looked at all the aspects of growth, development and pride within your business and saw an opportunity to celebrate it?

Entry to the 2019 WOBAs closes at midnight on Monday 3rd December. Take that chance today and download another entry form!