Innovation Award

The Owen Mumford Innovation Award recognises all forms of successfully applied innovation, from new products and services to a culture of improvement. The Award celebrates the ideas that have created value, whether to the organisation or society as a whole. This award is open to any organisation, public or private, irrespective of size or industry sector.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • How the innovation developed from an idea into something that creates value
  • An understanding of the process involved
  • Evidence of the value created in areas such as improved business performance or more efficient processes
  • Evidence of the value created outside the organisation e.g. to wider society

About the sponsor

Owen Mumford is a global leader specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative medical devices for patient and healthcare professional use. Owen Mumford also has a strong and recognised expertise in providing leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies with platform solutions, custom designs and bespoke products for self-injection.
Being a West Oxfordshire medical device company built on innovation, we truly understand the benefits that it has brought both us and the patients who use our products every day. We are proud to sponsor the Innovation Award recognising outstanding enterprises which make a difference through acting on their ideas. Andy Vardé, Director of Innovation