Business and Community

The Meech Business and Community Award recognises a company’s contribution to its local community for which there is no direct financial benefit. This category is open to any business irrespective of size or sector. The community involvement can be one specific scheme or a range of initiatives.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Clear vision and values for community involvement
  • Partnership between community and business
  • Employee engagement and involvement
  • Impact on community
  • Impact on business

About the sponsor

Meech manufactures and markets innovative solutions to industries based on leading edge design and a desire to forge strong and lasting relationships with its customers.

Meech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and specialist developers of Static control, compressed air technology, web cleaning systems and other surface cleaning technology. Meech’s position as a key global manufacturer of electrostatic control equipment has been developed over the last 50 years and they now service a wide variety of industries including Print, Packaging, Plastics, Automotive, Plasma, Medical and Aerospace.

Over that time R&D has played a big part in the development of solutions that not only solve customers’ production problems but also improves efficiency and reduces costs for the customer. Meech values its employees and distributors and ensures that the culture running through the company is always nurtured and supported. This culture is based on three key values: Collaborate, Innovate and Reliable.