Aston & James – Firmly on the map


Friday August 26th 2016


Darren Aston is proof that hard work and a clear vision are two very important ingredients in running a successful business. Darren owns Aston & James, an Office and Workplace Solutions provider for businesses across Oxfordshire. Over their 26-year history, they’ve built a very good reputation within West Oxfordshire and pride themselves on their excellent customer service.

Darren joined Aston & James in 1997 to work with his older brother Alan who had formed the business in 1990. Darren started out as Alan’s apprentice, selling office supplies over the phone, with a view to developing a role ‘out on the road’.

Fifteen years on with an in-depth knowledge and hard earned experience, Darren was given the opportunity to buy Aston & James from his brother. With the support of a great team which includes 6 family member, Darren was enthusiastic and hungry to grow the business further. In 2015, Darren spearheaded a refreshing company rebrand. Keen to keep abreast of changes in customers’ work place environments, Darren has developed a new furniture showroom. This showcases today’s more flexible working environments and gives complete solutions for a wide range of businesses; including classrooms and the home office.

“The WOBAs are a great opportunity to tell your story. Having gone through the process it has opened our eyes to see a number of things that we are doing which we can do better, and other things that we are doing very well and need to continue to do”.

Speaking of the business opportunities, Darren says “WOBA has helped us to position our business on the local map. The whole experience creates excellent networking opportunities. We’ll certainly be entering again next year because of the profile and the confidence it gives to both me and the team”.